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Industry OneCARD™ Redundancy Support Package

Industry OneCARD™ have put together a Redundancy Support Package for employers to include an Individual Industry OneCARD™ membership for an employee, in the unfortunate case of redundancy.

The Industry OneCARD™ Individual Membership can be for three, six or twelve months and provides employee instant access to all their training and licence records.

The employer simple uploads the records and Industry OneCARD™ team member will perform a data cleanse, verify and ensure all records are presented and named correctly, and support the employee to be ‘job-ready’ for their next challenge.

• Three months Individual Industry OneCARD™ Membership = $20

• Six months Individual Industry OneCARD™ Membership = $30

• 12 Months Individual Industry OneCARD™ Membership = $50

“After being made redundant three times, over my 20-year career, I understand how devastating and stressful a redundancy can be.

I can’t even imagine what it will be like under the current COVID -19 circumstances.

I can guarantee, that no employee will be thinking about these valuable documents at the moment, but they will need access to them in the future”.

We are here to help.

Kareena Waters

Founder of Industry OneCARD™

If you are interested in our service for your company, please contact me for a confidential zoom or skype meeting.

Phone: + 61 417760224

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