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Managing the Risk 

A WA director was sentenced to a jail term for the death of one worker and seriously injuring another.

One of the main reasons he incurred this penalty was he failed to ensure his employees had the correct training and licences for the tasks they were doing.

Did you know that around 70-85% of training and licence records that the team at Industry OneCARD™ are given to process when we onboard a new client are non-compliant including expired invalid, incorrect, and often required records are missing?

Don't just sit on the fence and wait to be audited 

There are steps you can take to protect your employees, your contracts, and your business.

Things can do NOW to protect your business in regard to Training Record Management.

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Is The Evidence VALID? 

To ensure evidence is VALID –the information is visible and clearly describes the training or licence.


Often required information is on the front and back of a card, but you might only have a copy of the front of the ticket, which could mean you have invalid evidence.

HRWL - the Training Provider Certificate (RTO) certificate is invalid without a copy of the WorkSafe High-Risk Work Licence.

Is The Evidence CURRENT?

Ensure evidence is CURRENT

Just because an employee has a ticket or a licence does not guarantee they are competent as their skills and experience needs to be verified as CURRENT 

Licences and some National Accredited training need to be renewed to ensure currency.

Employer need to documented evidence they have performed a Verification of Competency (VOC) on employees who are performing tasks or using plant and equipment that can cause harm. 


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Are your Ducks In A Row?

As a director can you sleep at night, knowing your employee matrix is up to date and accessible to supervisors and others who require the information of a employees training and licences prior to allocating work tasks?

Inductions and Safety Training 

Sitting a new employee down in the crib room or office and getting them to read pages of your company policy and procedures which they sign that they understand is NOT evidence.

A business is required to train employees in what is required in your workplace and should have ‘Retained Learning ‘evidence (assessment) to demonstrate the person has understood what is required.

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Free Audit Voucher 

One of the IOC team of training professional will perform a desk top audit of your current system and provide a  report of your current status in regards to WHS legislation and your risk profile. 

 Training Records Management 

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