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  • What is Industry OneCARD™?
    Industry OneCARD™ is a simple-to-use employee training and compliance tracking software. We are subscription based with membership levels to suit all businesses. Often the collection verifying and maintaining of employee records is a never-ending administrative nightmare and can be overwhelming for your administration teams. By becoming one of the growing numbers of smart companies joining Industry OneCARD we can remove the nightmare and save up to 70% off your administration costs.
  • Why can't we just get employees to self upload and manage their records?
    One of the most critical problems the team at Industry OneCARD™ have dealt with over the years of managing Training Management Systems (TMS) for major projects, has been when data has been entered by someone who is not trained or experienced in the management of training and skills compliance data. These critical issues are due to the high number of variables, rules, laws and regulations around workforce compliance and can result in the loss of data integrity, which places companies and employees at risk. When we built the Industry OneCARD™ platform, we locked the main sections that can cause a decline in data integrity and developed processes to provide data entry service in-house by our team of trained training administrators. You will experience fantastic ROI, and your employees can focus on your core business while our team handles the data for you.
  • Why do business need to be concerned about employee training and licence records?
    It is a legal requirement in Australia to have evidence of a trained and competent workforce. All states and territories have introduced new laws, penalties, fines and even industrial manslaughter charges to mitigate the risk of employees being hurt at work and ensuring customers are provided care by trained and competent employees. Having the evidence of a trained and competent workforce is paramount to manage risk to your business of any non compliance to these laws.
  • Data safety and security?
    The safety of your data and your employee data is paramount to Industry OneCARD ™. Industry OneCARD is powered by the Amazon platform and underpinned by MYOSH ISO 27001 to ensure personal data is secure with the latest technology. The Amazon platform is one of two approved by the Australia defence. Industry OneCARD™ is not aligned to any recruitment company and will not on-sell or provide any data to a third party. All data is stored in Australia and is processed in Australia by experienced training administrators.
  • Do you need to install the Industry OneCARD™ on our company computers?
    No, Industry OneCARD™ is cloud-based therefore, no install on hardware is required. How easy is that? Company administrators or supervisors can access through any web browser from any computer. If needed, we can investigate the integration of Industry OneCARD™ into other programs currently being used by a client. We recommend Chrome, but Industry OneCARD™ will work on other browsers.
  • What types of Industry Sectors can Industry OneCARD™ support?
    Lessons learnt over 25 years’ experience as enterprise training professionals has developed the Industry OneCARD™ platform and service that makes compliance easy, transferable and accessible for all industry sectors. Industry OneCARD™ is an Australian business whose foundations commenced in the Oil and Gas industry which has one of the highest levels of workforce compliance requirements set out by Industry regulators and large employers. No industry sector in Australia is immune to the new WHS legislation and regulations.
  • Can employees or company representatives enter data?
    Yes! and No! Employees and company representatives can upload tickets and licences to the Industry OneCARD™ holding portal. This is a secure and safe portal, where your assigned Training Administrator receive all bulk uploads. As soon as there is activity on your company portal, the Industry OneCARD™ Training Administrator receives notification that there is a new record or records and they hop online and; verifies the ticket or licence meets Industry Standards correctly names the evidence using recognised naming conventions adds any expiry dates that you require sets alerts to start three months away from expiry. This timeframe allows time to renew the record and is excellent for workforce planning. Saves the evidence Your training administrator will alert you to any issues or problems that might occur. Example; evidence may fail verification, be unreadable or missing essential components.
  • Why do all employee get a 'CARD'? why not just have an app like other platforms?
    During the development of Industry OneCARD™, we worked out many different scenarios where an employee might need to provide access to the evidence of training or licences. If an employee has access to their Industry OneCARD™ with its unique QR code, they have access to their training records from any mobile device, not just theirs. This is perfect in the workplace when an employee is not allowed to have their mobile device, but a supervisor with a phone needs to check if they have the right tickets or licence for the job. Scan the employees Industry OneCARD™ with any mobile device and instantly all their records are available. Easy and effective and best of all employee’s wallet can sit flat, and not sit on a wallet full of cards that lifts them inches off a seat.
  • What happens if an employee loses their Industry OneCARD™?
    If an employee loses their Industry OneCARD™ or has had the unfortunate experience of having their wallet stolen, contact us, and we will reprint their Industry OneCARD™. The lost card is password protected; therefore, all the training records are safe and secure and still accessible to employee and employer from our cloud base platform. No more running around trying to replace evidence of training as we have got you covered.
  • Is Industry OneCARD™ only for SME business?
    No! Even though Industry OneCARD™ specialises in solutions for SME business, we can offer our unique service to companies of all sizes.
  • We have won a tender and the client needs a Training Matrix, can we do this with Industry OneCARD™ ? "
    Yes, definitely and we make it so easy. One of our unique services is that when you join Industry OneCARD™, we sit down with you and your team and develop mandatory training requirements for each job description on each site. We ensure we capture any state and federal legal requirements, your client’s mandatories and of course your company training and inductions. Once we have agreement on requirements, your Industry OneCARD™ administrator programmes your unique needs into Industry OneCARD™, sets up easy to use reports and training matrices for your team to use with a click of a mouse. And you are off and racing.
  • I have uploaded a photo onto my card and it has saved sidways. What can I do?
    Oops, this can happen if the photo was taken by a mobile phone camera set to HD. Don’t worry; you don’t have to do a thing. Your Industry OneCARD™ training administrator will fix the photo before your card is printed. We will make it sweet. If your photo is of poor quality or inappropriate, your Industry OneCARD™ Training Administrator will contact you for a new photo.
  • What is the difference between a monthly and annual Industry OneCARD™ Membership?
    We recommend our Annual Industry OneCARD™ membership for full-time employees as it provides fantastic ROI. No setup fee, and unlimited uploads of records, reports and clean verified data. Our monthly membership is designed for the short term, casual or contract employee as you don’t want to pay the membership if not currently employed. We do have an initial setup fee of $19.95 for the monthly membership, but this includes the first month's membership fee of $7.95. The setup fee is only ever paid once; therefore if you employ a worker who already has an Industry OneCARD™, then you will not incur a setup fee. The same for rehires, once a worker has a membership in our system, they can come and go at no additional cost.
  • What is the difference between Industry OneCARD™ and other Training Management Programs or Services?
    Our service, our team, our platform and our affordable memberships set us apart from other products on the market. Streamlined, easy to use for both company administrators and employee and the best feature is that our team of training administrators do all the data entry, which frees up your team to look after core business while we look after your compliance. The range of variables around training records, licences and documents are enormous; therefore scanning tools, and employee self manage products can be a recipe for disaster.
  • What happens to my Industry OneCARD when I no longer work for the employer who set up my membership?
    There are a couple of options available to you if your Industry OneCARD™ membership is no longer supported by the employer who originally set up your membership. If your new employer is an Industry OneCARD™ company member then we will transfer your membership to your new employer, and they will pay your membership fees. If your new employer is not an Industry OneCARD™ member you can transfer your membership to one of our individual memberships which will enable your Training Administrator to keep looking after your records and you can add new records to your profile at any time to ensure your stay ‘Job Ready’. Transfer form is available
  • Why does waste exist in the management of workforce compliance and how can Industry OneCARD™ help?
    There is an increase in regulated compliance requirements across all industries We advise members accordingly and factor into project costs mandatory training and licence requirements, that if left undiscovered can cause business disruption and impact profit margins. There are too many inefficient processes in existence We review and streamline existing processes to capture and maintain mandatory data There is a reliance on technology systems We provide the platform and the data entry skills, knowledge and experience to increase efficiency Evidence of training and licences are often lost, expired or inaccurate We verify the evidence is accurate and current and our platform provides timely notification of any non compliance Australia has a complex training framework often coupled with untrained administration staff All our team are training professionals, so yours do not have to be. Our support can eliminate the unnecessary cost of members maintaining an inhouse training team.
  • How do we support Project Teams, SMEs, Contractors and Service Providers reduce waste managing workforce compliance?"
    We do more than other cloud based platforms and systems, we will talk to you, work out your pain points and understand your processes and barriers to compliance. This enables us to make timely and informed decisions on the best way to support your business. We also do all the data entry for you.
  • Biggest challenge to all Industries?
    Majority of SMEs, Contractors and Service Providers don’t know they are non-compliant until they are audited by client or regulators. If you think maintaining compliance is expensive, try non-compliance
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