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  • How does Onecard Enterprise differ from the old Industry Onecard
    Onecard Enterprise represents an evolution and expansion of the services previously offered under Industry OneCARD, with enhanced features and security.
  • Why can't we just get employees to self upload and manage their records?
    Employees, People Leaders and Administration teams all can upload records it Onecard Enterprise through our bulk uploader, but Onecard Training administrators will check, validate and rename the evidence before its added to the employees' profile. When employees manage their own credential uploads and categorisation on a software platform, several challenges can emerge: Inaccuracy and Misrepresentation: Employees might enter incorrect or exaggerated information about their qualifications, leading to compliance issues and inaccurate workforce assessments. Consistency Issues: Variations in how credentials are categorised by different employees can make it difficult for employers to uniformly assess qualifications across their workforce. Technical Challenges: Employees may encounter technical problems such as incompatible file formats or connectivity issues, which can prevent successful uploads. Security Concerns: Managing sensitive personal and professional data requires strong security measures to prevent data breaches and protect privacy. Verification Difficulties: Ensuring the authenticity of uploaded credentials can be complex and resource-intensive, requiring additional verification steps. Training and Support: Adequate training and continuous support are necessary to help employees use the platform effectively, which can be costly and time-consuming.
  • Why do business need to be concerned about employee training and licence records?
    Businesses need to be diligent about employee training and licence records for several reasons: Compliance with WHS Legislation: Under the Australian WHS (Work Health and Safety) Model Act, employers are legally required to ensure that their workers are properly trained and hold the necessary licences to safely perform their duties. Non-compliance can lead to significant legal consequences. Safety: Adequate training minimises workplace risks, ensuring employees can perform their tasks safely, thereby reducing the likelihood of accidents and injuries. Quality Assurance: Well-trained employees are likely to perform better, enhancing the quality of services or products the business offers. Employee Development: Maintaining accurate training and licence records helps in tracking employee progress and identifying opportunities for further development, which can improve job satisfaction and retention. Effective management of these records not only helps in complying with legal obligations but also supports operational excellence and safety in the workplace.
  • I am concerned about data safety and security?
    Data Safety and Security The safety of your data and your employee data is paramount Onecard Group. · Onecard Group is powered by the AWS platform, with Australian servers to ensure personal data is secure with the latest technology. · Onecard Group has Two Factor Authentication (TFA) enabled and all data is encrypted in end-to-end encryption in transit and at rest. · Onecard Group is not aligned with any recruitment company and will not on-sell or provide any data to a third party. Onecard maintains Australian Sovereignty with all developers and team members based in Australia and all data is processed and stored in Australia. Privacy policy available at
  • Do you need to install Onecard on our company computers?
    No, Onecard software applications are all cloud-based therefore, no install on hardware is required. How easy is that? Company administrators or supervisors can access through any web browser from any computer. If needed, we can investigate the integration or Onecard Enterprise through API feeds into other programs currently being used by a client.
  • What types of Industry Sectors can Onecard support?
    We are industry agnostic and have members from a large range of industry sectors, as ALL businesses in Australia and in many other countries have the legal requirement to have valid evidence of a trained and competent workforce. Currently Onecard has active members in: Manufacturing, Food & Beverage Manufacturing Schools and Universities Mining, Oil Gas and Resources Defence Building and Constuction Engineering Local Government State Government Fitness/ Gyms Power Generators and we are currently expanding into retail and franchises.
  • Can employees or company representatives enter data?
    Yes! and No! Employees and company representatives can upload tickets and licences to the Onecard Enterprise Uploader This is a secure and safe portal, where your assigned Onecard Training Administrator receive all bulk uploads. As soon as there is activity on your company portal, Onecard Training Administrator receives notification that there is a new record, or records and they hop online and. verifies the ticket or licence meets industry standards. correctly names the evidence using the industry standard naming conventions. adds any expiry dates that you require Saves the evidence Your training administrator will alert you to any issues or problems that might occur. Example; evidence may fail verification, be unreadable or missing essential components.
  • What happens if an employee loses their Onecard Membership Card
    The old Industry OneCARD mandated a plastic card as part of an employee's membership. However, we want to do our part to reduce plastic in the world; therefore, Onecard Enterprise does not mandate a card—these are now optional. We have made it simple to log in via our website As long as you have a phone, tablet, or mobile, you will always be able to access your records
  • We have won a tender and the client needs a Training Matrix, can we do this with Industry OneCARD™ ? "
    Yes, definitely, and we make it so easy. You can run a live matrix with just one click. You can also add other information to the front of the matrix that often your clients want to see before an employee's mobilities to the clients' site. One of our unique services is that when you join Onecard Enterprise, we sit down with you and your team and develop mandatory training requirements for each job description at each site. We ensure we capture any state and federal legal requirements, your client’s mandatories, and of course, your company training and inductions. Once we have agreement on requirements, your Onecard Enterprise administrator programmes your unique needs into Onecard Enterprise, sets up easy-to-use reports and training matrices for your team to use with a click of a mouse. And you are off and racing.
  • What is the difference between a monthly and annual Onecard Enterprise Membership?
    We recommend our Annual Membership for full-time employees as it provides fantastic ROI. No setup fee, and unlimited uploads of records, reports and clean verified data. Our monthly membership is designed for the short term, casual or contract employee as you don’t want to pay the membership if not currently employed. The setup fee is only ever paid once; therefore, if you employ a worker who already has an Onecard membership then you will not incur a setup fee. The same for rehires, once a worker has a membership in our system, they can come and go at no additional cost.
  • What is the difference between Onecard Enterprise and other Training Management Programs or Services?
    For a start, one of the main differences is that we remove the administrative nightmare, rather than adding to it. We are not an LMS or a plugin to another programme that merely stores records and sends out alerts. Onecard Enterprise is a dedicated Employee Training Management platform, and we are also a best-of-breed integrator which enables us to API feed into your other programmes if required for even more seamless processes. Additionally, we offer controlled data entry as software that enables many training management software solutions to make an administrator's role harder, not easier. Our founder had this experience for over 20 years as an operational training manager. She will tell you that all the programmes companies gave her and her team to manage employee training records fell so short that they actually caused more work and confusion. This is why she founded Onecard Group. Our service, our team, our platform, and our affordable memberships set us apart from other products on the market. Streamlined and easy to use for both company administrators and employees, the best feature is that our team of training administrators handles all the data entry, freeing up your team to focus on core business while we manage your compliance."
  • What happens to my Onecard Enterprise portal when I no longer work for the employer who set up my membership?
    Onecard provides a transferable skills passport, which means the records can be made available to any of your employers if they are Onecard members. If your new employer is not a member, or if you are now self-employed, contracting, or between roles, you can take out an individual subscription. If you commence work again with an Onecard member, we put your individual subscription on hold, and you then join your current employer's membership. If you leave that employer, you can switch back to your individual subscription. This way, you are always covered.
  • Can I add more than one role to an employee at the same time?
    Yes, many employees require more than one set of mandatory requirements as they move between different sites, facilities, or take on roles such as supervisor from time to time. Onecard Enterprise has been developed with a deep understanding of workforce mobility and the importance of having a clear view of compliance status, no matter where they are working. This unique tool also proves invaluable when assessing whether someone can be moved to a new role or what a person needs to progress to a higher duty. It has numerous applications. Moreover, it is essential for clients to ensure that employees possess the appropriate credentials for their current roles."
  • Will having a company subscription help with our ISO Audit?
    You can bet it will! In all ISO audits, having an updated employee Skills Matrix and being able to show a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) is a mandatory requirement, and we score highly with auditors. The majority of our clients that undertake accreditations, including ISO, always receive 'Best Practice' or 'High Recommendation' for implementing Onecard
  • I have to send records to our clients during mobilisation, can I do this in Onecard
    Yep, Yes, to send records to our clients during mobilisation in Onecard Enterprise, simply choose the person, click on the records you want, enter the client's email, write a nice message, and press send. The software zips the evidence and sends the email to the client. This saves you time and stress each time. In fact, it can shave approximately an hour off each mobilisation workflow as the software efficiently zips the evidence and the Onecard team have already names each record in a format clients will accept. You are winning and grinning using Onecard Enterprise!
  • Why do you have an Aussie Shepherd dog as Onecard Groups mascot?
    Our mascot and the cutest team member is 'Scout' our tracking advisor. Scout is an Aussie Shepherd We chose Scout as he symbolises a lot that we stand for as a company. Onecard group is an Australian Software company based in Perth WA. We ensure our team is well trained, loyal and reliable and we track your records. But most of all as Onecard group memberships grows, we would like to support service dogs around the world as Mental Health matters.
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