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Welcome to Onecard group.  

Founded in 2017 by industry and workforce compliance specialists, Onecard Group is a pioneering software company on a mission to liberate businesses from the administrative nightmares associated with managing employee training, licenses, and inductions.


Our vision is simple yet transformative: to provide companies with a reliable, affordable, and user-friendly tech solution that streamlines the management of crucial records ensuring a seamless compliance experience.

The inception of Onecard traces back to the frustration of our founder, Kareena Waters. Having spent over two decades navigating the complexities of employee records using substandard platforms, Kareena identified a critical need for change.

The existing solutions in the market lacked data integrity, were cumbersome to use, and felt like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

Industry Onecard emerged as a response to this challenge, committed to creating industry-agnostic and globally applicable Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions.


In late 2022, we took a significant step forward by acquiring Smart Company Software, a move that reinforced our commitment to excellence in compliance management.

Recognizing that one-size-fits-all solutions fall short in the diverse landscape of companies, industries, and countries, we invested the year 2023 in developing and updating two exceptional SaaS solutions.

These innovations are poised to be game-changers, tailored to address the unique compliance needs of different organizations at various stages of their digital transformation journey.

In 2024, we are not only unveiling groundbreaking products: Onecard Employee Training Manager and the new Onecard Enterprise, and we are excited to announce a strategic rebranding. Industry OneCARD has evolved into Onecard Group, symbolizing our growth, expanded offerings, and our commitment to being a comprehensive solution provider.


At Onecard Group, we are not just a software company; we are architects of positive change in the way companies manage their compliance obligations.

Join us on this transformative journey towards a future where administrative nightmares are a thing of the past, and technology becomes an empowering force for businesses worldwide, and companies benefit from a Transferable Employee Skills Passport.

Meet the Team

Onecard Team
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