About Industry OneCARD ™

People ask me why I started Industry OneCARD ™?

Industry OneCARD™ started like all start-up business, with an idea. 

There was not one single reason for starting Industry OneCARD,  but a combination of events that spurred me on to try and make a difference.

Not just to the way companies and employees handled workforce compliance documents but to change the culture of the way training evidence was collected, stored and valued. 


I was dealing daily with employees not having the right tickets or licence, companies scrambling to find records for employees and paying a fortune to book one person into a class designed for ten. 

The idea started to escalate when a few years ago when I was a Training Manager for a company who had projects in the resource, oil & gas industries.

We had had some good jobs on offer with up to 6-figure plus salary. This one guy came in, according to his resume, he had the qualification but didn’t have his tickets. He’d been out of work for a while, with a mortgage to pay, he needed the job.

He’s in my office. He’s on the phone to his wife, the look on his face speaking volumes. The stress, the worry, he’s in a state of despair. He eventually found all of his tickets except one. I took a risk. He’s put him on the course for that one ticket for free…he got the job! $200K salary at risk for a $300 ticket. Why did I do this? Because I’ve had opportunities that I couldn’t access because I didn’t have the money. Call it 'pay it forward', I don’t know, but it felt fantastic. The idea of  Industry OneCARD™ started to develop into reality.

This is the problem it solves.

Please watch a couple of short videos that pushed me out of my comfort zone but will help explain how Industry OneCARD ™ can help your business. 

We have made some of our Training Management tools available to SME for free, to help manage your employee compliance.

Our 60-day free trial is a way of us saying, we know we can make a difference to your business, save some significant costs and reduce compliance risk. We are prepared to do all the work for free as we know to change to the current processes can be daunting. 

If you don't think our program is for you, as a thank you for trying our product and service, we will provide you access to download all your clean and validated data.


Keep checking back with us, as will be posting new tools and training videos will be added in the next few weeks. 

All free of charge.


Let’s start a conversation,


Kareena Waters 

Founder  Industry OneCARD™

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