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Industry OneCARD excepted into SBE Elevate Program

To say I am excited, would be an understatement!

Industry OneCARD and myself have been accepted into the 2023 SBE Elevate Program.

It’s been five long years of developing Industry OneCARD to the point where we are now ready to scale both nationally and


To have access to all the wonderful support, experience, and knowledge from the SBE Team, mentors, and network feels like we have won the lottery.

It’s going to be hard work, but I have never been afraid of hard work if it's something I am passionate about.

Look forward to working with the other 12 female founders, who are all exceptional and have fantastic businesses.

I would like to thank Louise Daw and Sheryl Frame for their ongoing support and encouragement.

Looks like all the practice I did last week to be able to do a three-minute pitch will come in handy.

Watch out for Australia and the world, here comes Industry OneCARD setting the standard for workforce compliance. :)

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