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Did you know that under the new WHS laws, you will not be able to insure against fines & penalties of non-compliance?


We provide solutions and certainty for employee training & licence records to ensure your company remains compliant.  

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If you think managing compliance is expensive, try non-compliance!
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The Biggest Challenge to All Industries
Majority of SMEs and Contractors don’t know they are non-compliant until they are audited by client or regulators. 
Its in the back of their mind, but there are always more important tasks to attend too. 
 Industry OneCARD™ Training records management software and service  provides solutions and certainty for an employer in the management of  training & licence records to ensure your company remains compliant.  
WHY do Project Teams, SMEs and Contractors need to be concerned?
Company Inductions

Resources & Construction

Industry OneCARD™ supplies the Resource and Mining sectors with accurate, efficient, and reliable licence, training  record management software and data entry service. We even provide a immunisation passport feature to keep all employees safe.

Training Programs

Engineering & Defence

Industry OneCARD™ provides a speciality service to Defence SMEs’ to manage mandatory security, training, licence records through our training records management system. We even provide a immunisation passport feature to keep all employees safe.

Industry OneCARD™ is proud to be a member of the Henderson Alliance.

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Health and Community 

Industry OneCARD™  does not just help manage training and licence records, we also help companies manage mandatory inhouse training, COVID testing, immunisation passport to  provide you and your customer's certainty in this uncertain world.


Vaccination Track and Trace 


Industry OneCARD is powered by MYOSH

Information Security Management System

ISO 27001:2013

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Torture the data and it will confess to anything! 

Are you compliant or complacent ? 

Did you know that keeping your business and employees “SAFE” is not just protecting employees from COVID-19. The current global pandemic has not removed any of your legal obligations for providing current evidence of a trained and competent workforce.

If you have reduced administration or are about to rebuild your team, your skills matrix might be out of date after such an extended downtime.

There has never been a better time to transition your training management function to a virtual team and obtain certainty and peace of mind.

Industry OneCARD™ can do this for you, we are not just a platform we provide full administration support to all our members including all data entry, therefore you incur no overhead cost and as a bonus, you will save  30-70 % off your administration cost.

COVID-19 has taught us all that virtual is the way to go for a progressive company and we would like you to join our growing membership.


        Accurate – Reliable - Efficient – Virtual - Accessible

Free for SME Employee Skills Matrix Audit Checklist

We have made available FREE to you, some of our Industry OneCARD™ Workforce Compliance tools. 

We have developed to support business understand their risk of non-compliance. 

It will take a few minutes of your time to give you peace of mind. 


“Engagement with Industry OneCARD™ has made the world of ‘Training Management’ an absolute breeze. Industry OneCARD™ has provided us with a complete service, customised to our business size and needs.

At the touch of a button, Protex has full visibility of our training documents and records, access to training calendars, matrices and reports. Where Industry OneCARD™ has shone for Protex is with the maintaining the accuracy, quality and currency of our training records…which we all know takes attention to detail, ongoing follow-up and most importantly precious time!”

Fahed Abou-Hishem Quality & Technical Manager at Protex Industrial Services



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