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Quick, Reliable, and Reportable 
Tracking of Employee Compliance Evidence

Industry OneCARD Skills Tracking
Industry OneCARD
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Industry OneCARD™
The Easiest Way To Manage Your Employee Skills Matrix

Collecting and maintaining the evidence of employee inductions, training, and licence records is at best an 'Administrative Nightmare' for most companies.

Industry OneCARD™ (IOC) provides companies with a simple, cost-effective solution to track employees records, which is easy to implement and frees up your team to focus on your core business.

Industry OneCARD Digital Employee Skill
Collaborate | Set the Standard | Support
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Driving Efficiency 

All your team needs to do is bulk upload employee evidence and run our data-driven reports.

The IOC team of training administrators performs all data entry and programs the platform to map the collected data to each employee’s role requirements across one or more locations.

The IOC platform instantly verifies a worker’s qualifications and licences, which is a lead indicator for employers when determining if the worker is competent to safely do the job. 


Records are matched and create your Employee Skills Matrix just one click.

Simple, reliable and IOC can save you up to 70% off your administration cost.

IOC is subscription-based with membership packages to suit all sizes and types of companies


No Lock-in Contracts 
Industry OneCARD Skills Matrix
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The Biggest Challenge to Employers

Is staying on top of the never ending administration of employee records

Companies are risking fines, penalties, loss of contracts and even criminal charges if they cannot provide evidence of a trained and competent work force when audited or faced with an accident or incident.
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We Turn This 

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Into This 

Industry OneCARD Employee Access
Industry OneCARD One click reports
Industry OneCARDSkills Matrix
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One Source of Truth

Industry OneCARD Data you can trust

When records enter IOC they cant be altered, tampered with or deleted.

This key feature maintains data integrity and provides you with one source of truth. 

When the decision makers in your company have access at their fingertips to employee records they can trust, they are empowered to ensure a employee is trained and competent and the evidence is mapped to your business needs before being allocated to work. 

Protecting employees, contracts and your business. 

Talks to us about Verification of Competency (VOC) for your employees.


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IOC is a cloud based platform and setting up your company is quick and easy.

The feature that all of our clients love is that the IOC team of training administrators do all the data entry and set up the system to compliment your current workflows and processes. 

Working in collaboration with your team we work out a solution that fits your needs and your budget. 

You will fall in love with the IOC one click Employee Skills Matrix

Simple Employee Skills tracker

IOC Unique Compliance Process

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Members of Industry OneCARD 
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WorkSafe Tasmania has implemented Industry OneCARD to help our staff maintain their capability development records. The features that are useful for us are the coding system that helps categorise different kinds of learning, the searching and reporting functions, and the flexibility to suit our terminology. We have found Kareena and her staff provide a responsive and personalised service.

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