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WHY do Project Teams, SMEs and Contractors need to be concerned?

It is a legal requirement in Australia to have evidence of a ‘trained and competent’ workforce.

All states and territories have introduced new laws, penalties, fines and even industrial manslaughter charges to mitigate the risk of employees being hurt at work.


Having the evidence of a trained and competent workforce is paramount to manage risk to your business of any non compliance to these laws.

HOW do we support our members?

We do more than other cloud based platforms and systems, we will to talk to you, work out your pain points and understand your processes and barriers to compliance.  This enables us to make timely and informed decisions on the best way to support your business.


We also do all the data entry for you.

WHEN do we support members?

We support our members during:

  • Tender Process

  • Execution of Contracts

  • Onboarding of Employees

  • Operations and Maintenance

WHY does waste exist in the management of workforce compliance?
Industry OneCARd makes Workforce complinace Simple

There is an increase in regulated compliance requirements across all industries

We advise members accordingly and factor into project costs mandatory training and licences requirements, that if left undiscovered can significantly reduce profit margins.


There are too many inefficient processes in existence

We review and streamline existing processes to capture and maintain mandatory data


There is a reliance on technology systems

We provide the platform and the data entry skills, knowledge and experience to increase efficiency


Evidence of training and licences are often lost, expired or inaccurate

We verify the evidence is accurate and  current and our platform provides timely notification of any non compliance


Australia has a complex training framework often coupled with untrained administration staff

All our team are training professionals, so yours do not have to be. Our support can eliminate

the unnecessary cost of members maintaining an overhead inhouse training team.

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