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FREE Industry OneCARD Employee Skills Matrix 


Sometimes the hardest step is knowing where to start.

The team at IOC will make it easy.

Our Matrix builder has been designed to outline the steps required to develop an effective matrix.

The IOC team can help you automate your matrix, to ensure ongoing maintenance and employee compliance are simple and cost-effective.

To help your team start the process, we use a simple spreadsheet matrix.

Steps to get started

  1. Download the sample below. The sample is from a resources business but make it your own.

  2. Enter a couple of your job descriptions and fill in the role requirements.

  3. Email the matrix to our team. at and we will create a sample matrix for you.​

Our team will organise a discovery session with your team to establish what evidence is required for the 'MUST HAVE ' ( mandatory) and 'NICE to HAVE' ( desirable) role requirements, for each job description and each site within your organisation.

The role requirements are checked by the experienced IOC training administrators to ensure they meet

  • Your company's legal obligations

  • Industry sector expectations

  • Your client's contractual requirements

  • Site or facility mandates

  • Your company policy and procedures.

Yep, it seems like a lot ... but don't worry we make it simple. ​

Alternatively, contact us to book a discovery meeting to discuss your unique needs.

This will enable you to see how simple building a Skills Matrix is and we can show you how to track employees' compliance.

Talking to one of our friendly team is free.... Non-compliance is not!

What is Industry OneCARD and how can we help your business?

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