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Employer engages IOC

Employer signs a declaration that they are required for purpose of employment to collect and manage employees vaccination status.
Employer send a link to employee
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Employee Receives a Link

Employee agrees to terms and conditions and provides their consent for their employer or employers, to have access to their vaccination records for purpose of employment.
Employee uploads evidence onto IOC secure portal. 
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Vaccine Recorded 

Industry OneCARD Team record all details including the brand and date of the vaccine and set any alerts for boosters and or renewals. 
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Employer Access 

An employer can run reports and matrices to see who has been vaccinated, who is due, just like they do when checking training and licence records to ensure the employee is compliant to clients and site access requirements.
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Alerts for Employee and Employer 

Helps the employee, and the employer plan for the employee vaccination and the possibly of down time after the vaccination. 
If in the future, boosters will be required, both employer and employee will receive alerts. 
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Employee Access

We are all in this together, and Industry OneCARD, unique QR Code and web based app provide instant access to the employee, so they can prove their vaccination status out of work hours.
Email alerts go directly to an employees email.
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Industry VacCARD

With the announcement from the Governments of the requirement of mandatory vaccination boosters, the administrative nightmare of collecting, maintaining, and reporting employee vaccination records has just got that little bit harder.

Industry OneCARD™ Australia’s trusted Employee Records Management platform has put together three customised packages to support businesses to collect manage and have visibility of employee vaccination status.

Talk to us, we make it easy.


Industry VacCARD is FREE for Industry OneCARD™ members 

We have now made Industry VacCARD available to non members companies.

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