Tracking Employee COVID-19 test and isolation durations

Did you know Industry OneCARD™ can track employees medical records, COVID-19 tests, isolation durations and send alerts when they need to be tested again?

We have added three new fields to our record management catalogue, to help employers track employees COVID-19 tests and Isolation periods.

  • COVID-19 Test

  • COVID-19 Isolation

  • COVID-19 Retesting 

If an employee needs to be isolated and undertaking COVID testing and during busy times it’s easy to get distracted and lose track, especially if you have multiple employees affected at the same time.


Industry OneCARD™ will send an email alert to the employee, to remind the employee when they are required to be retested.


Companies have access to a live calendar to check when employees are due for retesting or are finishing isolation periods and are safe to come back to work. 


Shop floor supervisors and managers will be able to check each employee via a scan of any mobile device.

Industry OneCARD™  helping keep your workplace safe.


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