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Employers, being ‘SAFE” is not just protecting employees from COVID-19

The current global pandemic has not removed any of your legal obligations for providing current evidence of a trained and competent workforce.

WHS legislation is real and could impact on your business more than COVID.

You might not be thinking about training records at the moment.

Having access to training providers to update employee qualification or provide upskilling training may be limited as many training providers are not open and unfortunately many may not reopen.

To ensure your team is ‘Job Ready’ for any opportunities that will soon present, you will need to have visibility on employees’ records.

Here is what you need to do now.

1. Perform an internal audit of your Training Management System (TMS).

If you are using an excel spreadsheet or a basic TMS, study it carefully as we refer to these documents as a DDD, Dead Dangerous Documents due to the fact unless you study them every day, entries will expire, and you have no way of tracking.

Industry OneCARD™ has a free audit tool on our website you can use to see how healthy your records are and if any remedial action needs to occur.

2. Identify any employees’ tickets or licences that are going to expire in the next three months.

Even check employees you have let go, as hopefully, you will engage them again soon.

Redundant employees might not be thinking about their training records during this stressful period and an expired ticket could cause a loss of an opportunity.

3. Reach out and contact your Training Providers and find out

a. are they operating, or when they plan to reopen?

b. how are they keeping students safe?

c. are there any new procedures you need to know about when planning to send employees to be training? The big one will be reduced numbers of classes due to social distancing and some providers now need payment upfront to keep their cash flow going.

d. If they are not operating research who else in your area can deliver the training and look for new networks.

4. Contact Industry OneCARD™ we have extended our member-only training booking service to be available to all employers to help link your business with training providers who can help you get back up to a complaint level and be ‘Job Ready’.

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