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Important Information for Directors

Put your hand up if you are a director of a business.


I know from experience it’s a great feeling to be able to grow a business and support your employees.

Now put your hand up if in the case of an audit by a client, or incident you can comfortably provide your client or Worksafe copies of your employee's training and licence records, which are current and mapped to your business needs.

Hmmm if you can not, then that’s not such a good feeling.

Having access to visible acute and current records is a Directors first line of defence to keeping employees, contracts and your business safe.

Not to mention mitigating the risk of loss of contracts, fines up to $3million and possible jail terms.

Talk to Industry OneCARD™ we are the training records management experts and we can provide customised solutions for your business and ‘Peace of Mind’ for Directors.

Now that’s a better feeling!

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