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Not sure if your company is compliant?

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

You aren't alone.  

Many companies are currently operating unconscious non-compliant, but Industry OneCARD™ can help you move to 'Unconscious Compliance'.

Over the past five years, there has been a significant escalation in regulatory and client audit requirements for a business to prove they have evidence of a trained and competent workforce.

Many companies have invested in a technology system, an employee self-load platform and some are still using a spreadsheet, but is it really mitigating the risk of non-compliance for your business?

There are many reasons and ways for the volume of data required to become corrupt and leave a company without visibility and accessibility of evidence which put your business is at risk.

Companies without an experienced, dedicated training team are high risk. 

Some other reasons are;

The high number of variables across certificates, qualifications, in-house training and licences which difficulties in verifying and tracking employees compliance.

Inexperienced employees assigned to manage this complex field.

Employee self uploading systems, which have a confusing number of titles and certificates to choose 

Employees ownership and understanding of their training evidence.

No clear ownership of training management within an organisation. The function and responsibility are often spread across HR, Safety and Operations. 

Free Employee Skills Matrix Audit Tool

We have made available FREE to you, some of our Industry OneCARD™ Workforce Compliance tools. we have developed to support business understand their risk of non-compliance. 

It will take a few minutes of your time to give you peace of mind. 

CLICK HERE for the Industry OneCARD


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