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On-board employees with Industry OneCARD™ 

Did you know that under the new WHS laws, a company and directors cannot insure against fines and penalties of any non-compliance around the evidence of training and licences records?

Could you be one of the 3 in 10 companies that have staff with expired or missing evidence of their licencing and training records? Industry OneCARD™ has a built in function that can provide an immunisation passport for all employees.

Do not be complacent, be compliant.










Engagement with Industry OneCARD™ provides certainty with no overhead costs. 
Easy to implement, affordable and reliable.

Not sure if you are compliant? Talk to us or go to our website and download our free employee compliance audit tool.

Industry OneCARD Digital Employee Skill

Easy access for Company Administrators and Supervisors 

Industry OneCARD Digital Training record

Easy on the job access for Employees and Supervisors 

Do you have employees with High-Risk Work Licences?


​Is your company at risk of non-compliance? 

A vast majority of SME companies require employees to hold a Worksafe High-Risk Work Licence. 

There are 5 CRITICAL compliance issues caused by High-Risk Work Licences that you need to know!



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