Vaccination Track & Trace

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Industry OneCARD manages individuals and companies training and license records.

During  COVID -19 we added the ability to track and trace the evidence of immunisations including COVID-19 for our members. 

We have now made this service available for non members.

If you need to prove you are up to date with immunisations for work or travel, then Industry OneCARD™ Vaccination Track and Trace will provide peace of mind. 
Provide Industry OneCARD™  with the authorised evidence of Immunization including, date and brand we will upload this to your or your employees Vac OneCARD and we will send reminders when the second vaccination is required and any further boosters in the future.

Your evidence of immunisation is easy accessed via a scan of any mobile device ( password protected) 

Existing Industry OneCARD™ members will receive Vaccination Track and Trace as part of your current membership.

Small admin fee for non member companies. 
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Virtual Administration Care Package for the Aged, Disability and Health Sector 

The looming growth already predicted for these sectors, and the additional resources likely to be required by companies and organisation to deal with COVID-19, require an adaptive and agile response.

Immediate benefit as our systems and platform are already set up for remote/virtual administration services and will provide all the additional administrative support your team will require during some challenging times ahead.

Your team will gain access to a team of qualified training specialists and training administrators-not just temp administrators.  


Not only will Industry OneCARD™  help your team weather the crisis but also, when the crisis is over, your data will be more productive, agile, and scalable.

Industry OneCARD™  can provide an Immunisation Passport service to manage employees medical and vaccination records.

The Industry OneCARD™ team can:

  • collect new employee documents in our portal, including training from other service providers if available

  • don’t need access to scanners and other office equipment at offices,

  • a document can be visible for your team within 24 hours.

  • Your administration and team leads will have cloud-based access to check if employees have the correct training before allocating tasks and customers

Industry OneCARD for Disability and Age