FREE Industry OneCARD™ Employee Skills Matrix  Engineering 

An Employee Skills Matrix can be a hidden cost and risk to a high number of SME companies? 

We know that many SME simply run out of time and resources to effectively manage their employees skills matrix. 

This is why we developed Industry OneCARD™ to provide ongoing support with no overhead costs. 

Industry OneCARD™ can support you admin team by managing employees licence and training records to provide visibility and accessibility 24 /7.

Our team of training administrators provide all the data entry services which frees up your team to focus on core business. 

We even provide a immunisation passport feature to monitor employee medical and vaccination records to really provide you peace of mind.  


Please download your copy of our Free Employee Skills Matrix Builder - Engineering.

Contact us if you have any questions on how to use the Employee Skills Matrix Builder

Do you have employees with High-Risk Work Licences?


​Is your company at risk of non-compliance? 

A vast majority of SME companies require employees to hold a Worksafe High-Risk Work Licence. 

There are 5 CRITICAL compliance issues caused by High-Risk Work Licences that you need to know!


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