The Challenges of Managing Evidence 

The maintenance of employee skills evidence is a ongoing, never ending process, that often is overlooked when your team gets busy.
Did you know that 85% of business struggle to keep on top of training and licence records? 
Employees are at risk of being allocated to jobs and tasks they have no evidence of training.
Directors  are exposed to loss of contracts and significant fines, penalties and even criminal charges including Industrial Manslaughter. 
Subscribing to Industry OneCARD provide instant access to evidence and a visibility that provides peace of mind.
IOC Digital Ledger saves and protects your evidence and our team of virtual training administrators in collaboration with your team manage the ongoing compliance keeping your employees, your clients and your business safe.  

Contact us now, if your business is guilty of any of the issues below 

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Reliance on Technology 

Reliance on digital  technology that is not  purpose built and usually  incorrectly set up and managed and rarely maintained


Not Core

Often considered low  priority until audited with  no ownership between  departments


Integrity of Data

Data entered from different sources which  increases the risk of  corrupt data and no one source of truth



Disconnect between  management and  operations and a  reluctance to move away  from traditional methods  like the ‘Grandfather  ‘clause


Legislation  Regulations

All levels within the supply  chain are under increased  pressure to maintain  compliance and clients  and regulators are  pushing down on SME  and contractors


No Single Source of Truth

Records are kept in numerous places and often no ownership between departments.

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Free Audit Voucher 

One of the IOC team of training professional will perform a desk top audit of your current system and provide a  report of your current status in regards to WHS legislation and your risk profile. 

 Training Records Management